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One set of source files ... multiple platform deployment

Whether you're targeting Windows, Unix, Linux, or OpenVMS, we have the DIBOL/DBL compiler to bring your applications into the 21st centry. Port your code easily from one platform to the next -- or even migrate it to the .NET Framework and enjoy seemless integration with other .NET solutions.

Synergex and your DIBOL/DBL applications

Synergex® has more than 20 years of experience with DIBOL. We started by creating a portable, multiple-platform superset of the original DIBOL language: DBL. Over the years, we kept adding new technology to DBL, and eventually it became the cornerstone of an entire software development environment: Synergy/DE.

Keeping our origins in mind, we offer a clear migration path from the oldest DIBOL code, straight through to the very latest version of Synergy/DE. Synergy/DE includes a full suite of advanced cross-platform software development and deployment tools for Windows®, Unix®, and OpenVMS™, offering you the ability to create dynamic, high-performing solutions to fit your vertical application needs.

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