About Synergex

Our company

Synergex® has more than 20 years of experience with DIBOL. We started by creating a portable, multiple-platform superset of the original DIBOL language: DBL. Over the years, we kept adding new technology to DBL, and eventually it became the cornerstone of an entire software development environment: Synergy/DE. 

Keeping our origins in mind, we offer a clear migration path from the oldest DIBOL code, straight through to the very latest version of Synergy/DE. Synergy/DE includes a full suite of advanced cross-platform software development and deployment tools for Windows®, Unix®, and OpenVMS™, offering you the ability to create dynamic, high-performing solutions to fit your vertical application needs. 

For over thirty years, developers have depended on the Synergy/DE application development environment to create high-performance, platform-independent business applications for millions of users worldwide. Synergy/DE has stood the test of time because we continuously update our development environment, building in the latest technologies developers need to create the most effective applications.

With Synergy/DE, you can expand on the investments you have made in your applications, focusing on creating new functionality, increasing performance, or improving the user experience. Synergy/DE products and professional services provide the flexibility, control, and productivity developers need with the cost effectiveness business leaders demand.

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