Synergy/DE 10.3

Your developer tools just got even better.

Synergy/DE 10.3.3 delivers many features and improvements throughout the Synergy toolset for developers creating Synergy .NET and traditional Synergy applications. Read about version 10.3.3 highlights below.

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Traditional Synergy projects in Visual Studio

You can now develop traditional Synergy applications in the Visual Studio development environment, giving you access to the extensive developer tools available with Visual Studio. You can import projects from Workbench and create new projects from directories of source. This capability supports OLB, ELB, and DBR projects as well as multiple mainline projects. And you can perform parallel builds at the command line with MSBuild. See “One IDE to Rule Them All” for more information.

Joins in Select

A new inner join method enables you to join two Select objects together. The Select Join feature identifies records from two or more tables/files to join. It enables you to combine data from multiple Synergy DBMS sources and provides functionality similar to SQL92’s high-speed Inner Joins and Left Outer Joins.

Targeted runtime versions for traditional Synergy

You can now compile to an earlier version of the runtime (as far back as version 9.5.1), enabling you to take advantage of the latest features and fixes without having to upgrade customers who aren’t ready to upgrade.

Inline lambdas

Like a regular lambda, an inline lambda enables you to define a function object at the point where it is invoked or passed as an argument to a function. It provides a way to generate inline methods that have access to variables within the method in which the lambda is declared. Inline lambdas enable you to write more concise code. (.NET)

Visual Studio enhancements

10.3.3 includes many enhancements to Synergy’s support in Visual Studio, including

  • Support for targeting future .NET Framework versions without code changes
  • Significant performance improvements for large solutions
  • Support for .DEFINE in IntelliSense, hover over, Goto Definition, and syntax indentation
  • Improved environment variable pages
  • Solution-wide environment variable capability
  • Code formatting enhancements
  • Null coalescing operator

Prototyping enhancements for traditional Synergy

There are significant performance enhancements in 10.3.3 prototyping of traditional Synergy applications. There’s also now a single .dbp file containing all routines instead of many small files, and SYNDEFNS and -qdefns now allow wildcards. Note that with the enhancements, you’re likely to find new errors in your code. See “The ‘Types They are a Changin’” for more information.

Automatic support for xfServer connections by AppDomain

Synergy/DE now defaults to an xfServer connection per AppDomain without requiring S_SERVER_THREAD_INIT. This provides better support for the WCF and IIS services model, using AppDomains for state control. (.NET)

HIPAA compliant SSL encryption for OpenNet

10.3.3 includes OPENSSL encryption for OpenNet. This enables you to enhance data privacy and security and provides compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Support for IPv6

The Synergy/DE products that use TCP/IP now support the internet protocol IPv6. This includes xfServer, xfServerPlus, the Synergy socket API, the HTTP document transport API, lmu (on Windows), and Connectivity Series. This provides the ability to support additional addresses, more efficient routing, and modern networks of mobile devices. For more information, see “IPv6 is Coming! IPv6 is Coming!“.

Sparse field binding for Select

A new Sparse class in the Synergex.SynergyDE.Select namespace enables dynamic binding of sparse Select fields in a similar manner to SQL Connection. It takes a variable number of field arguments, and its objects can be dynamically combined using the .AND. operator.

Ability to create a string from a large memory handle and vice versa

New methods enable you to create a string from a memory handle and vice versa.

xfODBC 64-bit installer

10.3.3 includes a 64-bit version of the xfODBC Client.

Many Fixes

Synergy/DE 10.3.3 includes many fixes throughout the Synergy tool suite. For a complete list of 10.3.3 changes, see the 10.3 release notes in the Synergex Resource Center or when you download 10.3.3.

Where do you want to go?

With the technologies and tools available in Synergy/DE 10.3, now is the perfect time to set the course to advance your applications and your business. Synergex is ready to assist you. Explore what Synergy/DE 10.3 has to offer. Talk to us about the possibilities. Get started now!