Professional Services

Professional Services Group

Synergex® Professional Services Group (PSG) provides technical training and consulting services to help you get the maximum benefit from your Dibol/DBL™ products and related technologies and to ensure your developers are educated in the latest Synergy/DE technologies.  Our consultants will work with you to migrate your DIBOL code to the latest version of Synergy/DE.

PSG consulting engagements are typically one or two week assignments with one consultant, but can also be multi-consultant, long-term projects lasting several months or years. The range of consulting services available spans all phases of the project life cycle and can be tailored to your needs. Following are the typical types of engagements that PSG provides:

  • Custom prototype and training for specific products or technologies
    In this type of engagement, developers are trained on a specific product or technology, and the PSG consultant creates a prototype using customer code that contains all components of the project.
  • When the engagement is over, your developers know how to use the technology, and you have a real-world example using your own code.
  • Technlogy roadmap review
    Consultants can review your company’s technology roadmap, advise on technology opportunities, and validate your development plans.
  • Additional programming resources
    When you lack the required resources for a project, Synergex can provide skilled programmers to augment your development staff.
  • Project management
    PSG consultants can manage a project from start to finish. This may involve project management only, with your developers providing the other resources; or Synergex can provide some or all the management and resources.
  • Instructor-led classes in Synergy/DE products
    Synergex offers a variety of classes both at Synergex and on-site at customer locations. Classes include the basics, such as Synergy Language Essentials and UI Toolkit Essentials, as well as more advanced topics. Customized classes are also available.

For additional information about Professional Services Group, contact Synergex.